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Mothership creates a great work experience for carriers. The greater work flexibility lets me be home every day with my family and drive happier.
Juan Diaz
Mothership Partner Driver
Our Partner Carriers

Only the best for your freight.

We screen all of our partner carriers to ensure your shipment is in good hands from pick-up to delivery.
Carrier Verification

How we vet partner carriers.

Before driving with Mothership, our partner carriers must show:

  • State and/or federal required permits
  • Insurance with required coverage minimums
  • Photos of their professionally presentable vehicle
Driver App

How partner carriers connect to your shipment.

Industry-leading mobile app
We built an app for our partner carriers that gives your business instant access to capacity. When you request a shipment, the closest partner carrier gets notified with the details.
Optimized routes and tracking
Once a partner carrier accepts the shipment, the app provides routing from pick-up to delivery and relays your freight’s location back to your dashboard, so you can follow along in real-time.

Hear from our partner carriers.

Mothership empowers independent carriers to maximize efficiency and fill empty space on their truck.
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Mothership helps me be smarter about the things that matter. If I need to visit the doctor, I simply don't accept shipments until I am ready to work. I can control my schedule.
Eddie L.
Mothership partner carrier
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Mothership changed my life. It took away the pressure of driving shipments endlessly just to make a living. I even have time to take care of my truck and polish it.
Arnulfo L.
Mothership partner carrier
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I'm able to have a life outside of truck driving. I can rest on weekends and even play soccer with my team again.
Gustavo O.
Mothership partner carrier
Mothership Dashboard

Ship 11x faster locally like these happy customers.

What to know before getting started.

Here are some of the most common questions we get from first-time customers and potential partner carriers.
Can I drive with Mothership?
Yes, as long as you have a box or straight truck with a liftgate or a 53-foot truck, we’d love to have you join the network. We’ll need your permits, proof of insurance and photos of your vehicle. Download the driver app to get started, available on the and
Is my shipment covered by insurance?
We take the the safety of your freight seriously. We require our government permitted partner carriers maintain cargo coverage that meets or exceeds federal and state requirements. For local shipments, the required cargo coverage limit is up to $100,000 per occurence.
How reliable are you compared to other carriers?
Our partner carriers lead the industry in reliability with a 99% on-time rating. This is driven by our intelligent on-demand allocation and smarter routing. We also require our customers to pay upfront so that we can pay our partner carriers same-day, which builds further accountability, reliability and carrier satisfaction.
Mothership Carrier App

Transport for the same-day team.

Get shipments on-demand
Work flexible hours
Shield with CheckIcon to show trust and integrity.
Access support 24/7