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Command our entire fleet from your platform.

Make your supply chain even more powerful by easily connecting to Mothership via API.

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freight: [ { quantity: 2, type: “Pallet”, weight: 50, length: 48, width: 42, height: 46, description: “T-shirts”, } ], pickup: { name: “West St Pier”, placeId: “ChIJywjU6WG_woAR3NrWwrEH_3M”, accessorials: [“liftgate”], phoneNumber: +15555555555, emails: [“”], openTime: 1000, closeTime: 2200, },

Quote and book seamlessly.

With our API, you can easily integrate our freight quotes into your TMS, ERP, or checkout experience, making it easy for users to arrange freight shipments and receive products without ever leaving your platform.

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Status: Arrived at pickup
Status: EnrouteToDelivery Latitude: 34.0522° N Longitude: 118.2437° W
Status: Completed

Track your shipments.

Leverage our carrier location data to gain deep insight into each shipment. Send real-time shipment updates to teammates and customers via custom webhooks and easily create powerful live tracking displays for added visibility.

Male carrying boxes on a dolly with a truck loading center in background
data: [ { "type": 'billOfLading', "url": '', "expiresAt": '2018-03-21T17:00:00Z' }, { "type": 'proofOfDelivery', "url": '', "expiresAt": '2018-03-21T17:00:00Z' }, ]

Automate your paperwork.

Receive instant notifications when bills of lading and other important documents are updated. You can give customers and colleagues easy access to the most up-to-date versions within your own platform for a seamless end-to-end experience.

The future of freight is here.

Access the lane you need
We developed an algorithm that instantly evaluates potential carriers for your shipment. Whether you require local LTL or a dedicated truckload cross-country, you can always find the right lane and carrier for an on-time delivery.
Local same-day freight
When your shipment is within one of local zones, you can quote, book, and deliver your freight all in the same day at no extra cost. Your shipment gets allocated to a nearby driver for an on-demand pick-up in seconds.
Nationwide network
We seamlessly integrate with over fifteen of the most trusted carriers nationwide to immediately allocate your freight for shipments outside of our network. Our pre-negotiated tariffs get you the best rates across thousands of lanes, so you can ship at any volume without a contract.
Paperless process
We instantly generate your bill of lading and proof of delivery to view, download and share from your dashboard. All invoices are also digitally stored and any documentation can be easily integrated into your platform via API.
Tracking to the degree
When drivers use our mobile app, we have real-time location tracking down to the exact latitude and longitude, so you can keep all relevant parties in the loop on the location of important freight.
Keep your team informed
You can automatically alert teammates when statuses change thanks to our custom webhooks. Your team can also leverage driver coordinates to create live tracking displays for your customers.
"Mothership offered an API solution that’s better than other companies, which is a big deal for us."
Timothy Fehr
Director of Operations
Happy Returns
better than industry standard damage claims
Industry standard: 1 in every 500 shipments
Faster shipping experience
on-time delivery
What to know before getting started
Here are some of the most common questions we get on our API solution.
Which type of API do you offer?
The Mothership API is a RESTful service providing developers the ability to quote, purchase, and track shipments for their respective Mothership shipping accounts.

Our HTTP RESTful API responds with JSON-encoded data and standard response codes. SDKs for many modern programming languages are currently in the works. We also offer webhooks, enabling your systems to receive realtime updates on your shipments.
Check out the full details here
How can I access the API?
In order to receive developer access to use the Mothership API, you must already have an existing Mothership user. Once you’re signed up, reach out to our team at [email protected] with the subject “[DEVELOPER ACCESS] - <your company name>.” We will generate tokens so you can authenticate and after that, you are off to the races!
Is there a testing environment as well?
Absolutely, we offer a sandbox environment to test out every available endpoint in a safe environment.

Command our
entire fleet
your platform.

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