New features August 2023

Check out the latest features from our team. In August, we’re introducing two new features designed to make booking shipments and managing your account easier than ever.

We're excited to announce two significant updates that will streamline your shipping process and simplify your payment methods. These features are designed to make your experience with Mothership even more efficient and user-friendly.

Automatic Accessorial Detection: Making Booking Easier

We understand that knowing which accessorials you need can be a hassle, which is why we've introduced Automatic Accessorial Detection. Recently, our team noticed that the most frequent rebills were caused by shippers forgetting to select residential, limited access, or liftgate accessorials at booking. The shipper experience is at the forefront of our team’s priorities, which is why we developed a new feature to help more shippers avoid rebills.

Now, when you create a shipment, ShipBot will automatically select the appropriate accessorials based on the destination address. This includes services like Residential, Liftgate, and Limited Access. No more guesswork or additional charges – we've got you covered.

Autodetect accessorials

Our system uses a combination of data sources to identify whether an address requires specific accessorials. It's all about making your shipments smoother and reducing the chances of rebills. When accessorials are added to your shipment, you'll see them clearly marked on the shipment review and final checkout pages. If they're not needed, you can easily remove them during the pickup or delivery setup.

ACH Payment with Micro-Deposits: Simple and Secure

Adding your ACH payment information is now easier than ever. With our new micro-deposits feature, you can verify your bank account quickly and securely. It's a straightforward way to add and verify your ACH payment method without the need for complex credentials or bank listings.

Here's how it works:

  • Enter your bank routing number and account number in your Mothership dashboard. Your information is stored securely by our trusted payments provider, Stripe.
  • Look out for two micro-deposits, each under $1, sent to your account.
  • Once you receive the micro-deposits, enter the deposit amounts in our system to complete the verification process.

Now, shippers who were previously unable to use ACH have easy access at any time. Whether your bank wasn’t available on Plaid or you didn’t have your company’s online banking credentials, we created a fast solution for all shippers.

These updates reflect our commitment to enhancing your experience with Mothership. We're dedicated to providing you with efficient tools that simplify your logistics and transactions. Stay tuned for more improvements as we continue to strive for excellence in shipping and payment solutions.

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