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Mothership’s same-day delivery has been a game-changer for us. It’s the standard now.
Luis Castillo
Operations Manager
Beimar Apparel
introducing same-day pick-up & delivery

Same-day is the new standard.

We built a platform dedicated to getting your freight where it needs to go, faster. Here's how our same-day shipping works.
Get your freight delivered same day.
On-demand pick-ups
The instant your shipment is booked, your freight is intelligently allocated to a nearby carrier for on-demand pick-up.
Track your freight in real-time and get instant shipment updates.
Smarter dispatch
After pick-up, our platform optimizes the route to avoid traffic and other delays. You can even follow along on a map with real-time tracking.
All important documents are electronically generated and stored.
On-time delivery
Thanks to our on-demand pick-ups, intelligent dispatch, and top tier carriers, we have a 99% on-time delivery rate.
On-demand pick-up

Get your freight picked up same-day.

How to book an on-demand pick-up.
Just input your addresses, dimensions, freight type and quantity and see instant pricing. When you book, you’ll see same-day as a standard option.
No extra charge before 1pm.
Book before 1pm to get same-day at no extra charge. Even if it’s after 1pm, we service same-day rush requests until 7pm.
Track on-the-go
Not at your desk? You can track your shipments in real-time from your phone or tablet.
Central hub
Your dashboard contains a time-stamped history of updates for every shipment you make.
Share tracking
It’s easy to keep your team and customers informed on the latest updates for any shipment.
Our Network

Where we ship same-day.

Check out our same-day coverage areas. If you're outside of those networks, no problem, you can still ship with us through our national carrier partners.
Choose a city
Mothership Dashboard

Ship 11x faster locally like these happy customers.

What to know before getting started.

Here are some of the most common questions we get from first-time customers.
Where can I ship same-day?
If both your pick-up and delivery addresses are within the same local network, you can get your freight booked, picked up and delivered in a single day. To be eligible for our same-day option, you must allow a 3-hour window between ready-for-pick-up time and both origin and destination closing times.
Is Mothership the right fit for my business?
We specialize in B2B freight shipping at high volumes. If you’re shipping pallets or crates weekly or daily, we’d love to partner with you. FYI, we don’t pick up from residences nor do we ship personal items or loose furniture.
Do I need to sign a contract to ship with Mothership?
No contracts or commitment needed. Just create your account and start shipping.
Mothership Dashboard

Make same-day the new standard for your business.

Book trucks on demand
Track freight in real-time
Get same day delivery
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