Inside Mothership's Summer Freight Forum 2023

In July, our team hosted the first-ever Summer Freight Forum in Manhattan Beach, CA. Shippers enjoyed food, cocktails, and conversations with our team.

Last month marked a major milestone as we hosted our first-ever Summer Freight Forum. Members of our Southern California community came together on July 12, 2023, in Manhattan Beach, CA. Attendees included current and prospective customers, industry experts, and internal teams. It was an incredible opportunity for our team members to spend time with some of the top shippers on our network.

The day kicked off with the gathering of the Customer Advisory Board, where industry challenges and trends took center stage. Our newly formed Customer Advisory Board is comprised of industry leaders who have deep insights into the final mile freight landscape. They met with our VP of Operations, Kristin Alvarez, and Principal Product Manager, Jon Rappaport. Their discussions set the tone for the following evening's happy hour. You can see inside their first-ever meeting in this article.

During the happy hour, Customer Advisory Board members mingled with customers, fostering connections and potential collaborations. Representatives from various internal departments—Product, Support, Marketing, and Sales—were present, engaging in direct interactions with customers.

Guests enjoyed catered food and an open bar, providing a relaxed atmosphere for meaningful conversations and networking. Two raffles for $250 gift cards added an element of excitement to the evening.

For our team, meeting with our shippers was the highlight of the evening. Shippers openly discussed pain points, experiences, and future visions. Their feedback is invaluable for refining our product roadmap and prioritizing enhancements. Insights from the meetup are already shaping our strategies, ensuring our solutions lead the industry. As we tackle pain points and incorporate feedback, expect a more efficient shipping experience ahead.

We're incredibly grateful for the shippers who took time out of their busy days to join us. The event marked a step towards reshaping freight logistics and fostering industry partnerships.

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