Under the Hood: Live Tracking and Notifications

Learn all about how Mothership is focused on enhancing the shipment experience in this Q&A with Jon Rappaport, Principal Product Manager at Mothership.

At Mothership, we are committed to delivering exceptional experiences to our customers. Today, we’re going behind the scenes with Jon Rappaport, Principal Product Manager, to dive deeper into the rationale behind the live tracking and notification center features. These two additions, born out of extensive customer feedback, aim to provide shippers with the level of visibility they have been longing for.

Q: Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Mothership?

A: I lead our customer-facing product suite and technology teams at Mothership. With over 10 years of growth and product expertise, I'm dedicated to ensuring that we deliver innovative solutions that meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

Q: For those who aren’t familiar, could you explain the two features we’re covering today?

A: First, we have the Notification Center, which is live across the entire dashboard. This feature provides our customers with visibility into the six most requested events during the shipment lifecycle. It's all about keeping our customers informed and in control.

The second feature is an updated tracking experience, specifically on the single shipment track page. We understand that our customers rely on accurate and timely information, so made several enhancements. 

PRO Numbers are displayed for LTL shipments, allowing customers to track their deliveries more efficiently. We also made UI changes to present clearer information, ensuring enhanced transparency throughout the shipment lifecycle. Additionally, we display service windows to both customers and carriers, and customers will receive updated delivery and pickup service windows based on the carrier's estimated arrival times. This feature provides more accurate ETA estimates across our same-day local shipments.

Q: What value do these features bring to our customers?

A: These features bring substantial value to our customers. First and foremost, they foster greater transparency along the entire shipment lifecycle. Our customers have easy access to critical shipment information, at a glance, as they complete additional tasks within their dashboard. This enhanced visibility ensures that shippers stay well-informed and can make informed decisions throughout their shipments’ lifecycle. By displaying service windows and keying ETA’s off of this new information, customers can plan their operations more effectively, aligning their business needs with the estimated arrival times. Ultimately, these changes empower our customers, giving them the control and confidence they need when using our final-mile shipping marketplace.

Q: Why did we decide to build these features? What led us here?

A: Our customers' feedback is the driving force behind these changes. At Mothership, we deeply value our customers' opinions; their input is instrumental in shaping our product roadmap. Over time, we received numerous requests for increased visibility and transparency throughout the shipment lifecycle. We listened attentively and recognized the need to provide our customers with a more intuitive and informative experience. Our goal is to continuously improve our product, and these changes are a testament to our commitment to meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations.

The power of progress 🛠⚙️

At Mothership, we believe in the power of listening to our customers. The introduction of the Notification Center and the updated tracking experience is a direct response to their valuable feedback. Through these changes, we aim to provide shippers on our final-mile shipping marketplace with the level of visibility they have been asking for. By enhancing transparency, providing essential information, and empowering our customers, we are confident that these new features will further elevate their experience and drive success in their shipping operations. We remain committed to continuously improving our product to meet the evolving needs of our valued customers.

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