Understanding accessorials for final mile success

Learn the ins and outs of accessorials and discover how our intelligent system selects crucial services like liftgate, residential, and limited access based on your shipment's destination, streamlining your final mile experience and minimizing surprise charges.

The term “accessorials” encompasses a diverse array of supplementary services and special considerations beyond the standard transportation of goods. These additional services cater to the unique needs of specific shipments, ensuring a tailored approach to the challenges posed by varying destinations and types of cargo. 

Understanding the ins and outs of accessorials isn't just about efficiency—it's crucial for avoiding delays and surprise charges. Choosing the right accessorials during booking can make all the difference. In this guide, we'll dive into their definitions, benefits, and how we’ve built features to help seamlessly optimize them in your shipping experience.

Accessorial ABCs

The following accessorials are available in the Mothership dashboard:

CFS (Container Freight Station)

CFS involves the consolidation of multiple shipments into a single container for more efficient transportation.

Benefits: Reducing costs and streamlining the shipping process for businesses with multiple smaller shipments.


Cross-docking is a logistics strategy where products are unloaded from an incoming truck and directly loaded onto outbound trucks with minimal or no storage time.

Benefits: Accelerating transit time, minimizing handling, and enhancing overall supply chain efficiency.

LTL Inside Service

LTL Inside Service ensures your palletized freight is delivered to a specific location within a building or facility.

Benefits: Ideal for businesses without loading docks or those requiring goods to be delivered directly to a specific department or floor.


Liftgate services are essential when a loading dock is unavailable at the pickup or delivery location. It allows for the safe loading and unloading of heavy pallets.

Benefits: Enables shipping to and from locations without a dock, reducing the need for additional equipment. 

💡Tip: Liftgate services are complimentary with Mothership.

Limited Access

Limited Access applies to challenging destinations, such as construction sites, military bases, or remote locations.

Benefits: Preventing unexpected delays by notifying carriers of unique access conditions, ensuring a smooth final mile delivery.


Residential services cater to deliveries made to homes, apartments, or other non-commercial addresses.

Benefits: Perfect for e-commerce businesses or suppliers shipping directly to consumers, ensuring a hassle-free delivery experience. 


Tradeshow services are tailored to businesses participating in events or exhibitions, requiring timely and precise deliveries.

Benefits: Facilitates the transportation and setup of exhibition materials, ensuring a seamless experience for businesses participating in tradeshows.

TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential)

TWIC accessorial ensures compliance with security regulations at specific locations, such as ports or other secure facilities.

Benefits: Essential for shipments requiring access to secure areas, preventing delays, and ensuring a secure final mile delivery.

Tech-enabled efficiency

Our commitment to efficiency extends beyond just information—Mothership takes the guesswork out of accessorials. Upon creating your quote, ShipBot intelligently auto-selects a set of accessorials based on the address. This feature selects Liftgate, Residential, and Limited Access services, aiming to reduce rebills and eliminate the need for additional charges.

ShipBot leverages a combination of public data sources, ensuring precision in identifying residential addresses or limited access locations. By automating this process, we enhance efficiency and minimize the risk of oversights, providing a seamless final mile experience for your palletized freight shipments. Trust in Mothership to navigate the complexities so you can focus on what matters most – the success of your business.

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