Modernizing the LTL experience with unparalleled rate transparency and more

Informed decisions are the foundation of efficient logistics. Unlock next-level efficiency when you tap into transparent rate types, streamlined carrier selection, and expanded hazmat options.

We're empowering shippers with the visibility they need to make informed decisions. We built the latest improvements to enhance your LTL shipping experience with carrier availability at quoting, more detailed rates, and improved interline lane transparency. These strategic updates are part of our ongoing commitment to streamline logistics and deliver reliability to every shipper on our network.

Enhanced carrier visibility and in-depth rates

One of the most significant changes to the LTL experience is the ability to see precisely which carriers are available for each service level. This enhancement is based on our belief that informed decisions are the foundation of efficient logistics. We've enhanced our range of rate offerings, going beyond Lowest, Faster, and Best Value. Now, all available rates are displayed to provide improved optionality. Our goal is to give you access to all of the necessary information and rates, empowering you to choose the provider and transit time estimates that best fit the needs of your business and your customers.

By providing clear, comprehensive information on carrier options, we enable businesses to seamlessly align their shipping strategies with their budget, timeline, and quality requirements. This combination of clarity and detail ensures shippers can set precise expectations for delivery schedules and costs, streamlining the decision-making process and enhancing satisfaction for both shippers and their customers.

Navigating carrier capabilities with ease

A significant challenge in LTL shipping is anticipating and navigating carrier limitations. Our latest update addresses this head-on by providing detailed explanations when certain carriers cannot service a shipment. This level of transparency is crucial in avoiding rebills and ensuring a smoother shipping process.

Expanded hazmat options

Recognizing our customers' diverse needs, we've significantly expanded our hazmat carrier options. This enhancement ensures that businesses with specialized shipping requirements have access to a broader range of compliant carriers, simplifying the complexities of hazardous materials transportation.

Improved transparency for interline lane shipments

The logistics of LTL shipping often involve complex routing, especially when shipments need to move beyond a single carrier's direct network. To address this, we've introduced visibility for shipments that utilize interline lanes. Now, shippers see exactly which rate options will be handled by more than one carrier. 

Driving the LTL shipping industry forward

As we roll out these enhancements, our focus remains on driving the LTL shipping industry forward. Through transparency, innovation, and customer-focused solutions, we can overcome the challenges of modern logistics together.

We invite you to explore how these new features can transform your LTL shipping experience. Join us as we navigate the future of logistics, where efficiency and transparency aren't just goals—they're the standard.

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